Mitigate COVID-19 risk at your event

Current COVID-19 regulations require venues to implement social distanced seating. For event organizers it became challenging to efficiently use remaining seating capacity to generate revenue. B.A.M social distancing seat maps master this challenge with flexible social distancing rule sets.

Social Distancing Seat Maps

Define your social distancing rules.

Create your own house rules for social distanced seating without coding experience. Test the rules on an interactive preview chart and apply them to your events.

You can update your rulesets on the fly when social distancing regulations change. 

Adjustable spacing

Determine how many seats to be left open to the sides as well as front and back.

block seats while keeping groups together

Limit group bookings

Allow family members to seat together by increasing the limit of seats that can be selected together.

Disable aisle seats

Keep aisles safe to walk on by disabling a provided number of seats next to aisles.

Manually override rules

Hand pick seats that must be disabled, or enabled over existing rules.

Maximize occupancy

The seat map prevents the ticket buyer from selecting seats in a sub-optimal layout, thereby ensuring that rows are filled up as much as possible, while procuring social distancing.

Start optimizing your seats

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