At your next event, go B.A.M

The B.A.M universal passbook wallet keeps your event tickets, boarding passes, loyalty and reward cards, coupon cards and vouchers, student IDs and more in one place. With B.A.M Wallet, you can enjoy the same benefits on your Android device that iOS users have been enjoying for quite some time. Additionally it serves as you Digital Health Pass.

Collect them all.
We tidy up for you.

When buying tickets for a concert or festival, many airlines, but also at the cinema or in retail stores, you can get admission or goods and services by simply pulling out your smartphone on the spot.

Import from anywhere

Find all passes in Apple passbook format (pkpass) on your mobile device.

Boarding Passes

Use the wallet to store your train tickets, airline boarding passes and other types of transit.


Display coupons special offers and other discounts.

Event Tickets

Get access to concerts and festivals. See your seat and venue information on an event ticket.

Store Cards

The wallet stores loyalty cards, discount cards, points cards, and gift cards.

Other passes

Any other pass, e.g. gym membership cards, coat-check claim tickets, and metro passes that carry a balance.

Supported Passes
pkpass provider and issuer

Easy does it

Concert tickets, vouchers, boarding passes, coupons and customer cards can be stored clearly and securely as virtual objects on the Android device. In addition to a smartphone or tablet, all you need is a so-called PKPass file – and of course the right app.

Smart context functionalities
Depending on your location and time, B.A.M Wallet automatically displays relevant cards and tickets on the lock screen. For example, when you arrive at the airport, your boarding pass may be displayed.

Adding passes is a breeze
The fastest and easiest way to add tickets is to use an app that supports wallet. This could be a store app or the application of the airline with which you have reserved a flight ticket, for example. You can also add tickets to the wallet directly in your browser or from an email. 

Push messages
If times, seats or similar change again after the digital tickets have already been bought and paid for, they are automatically and promptly updated on the Android device – push messages included if supported.

More than a
virtual wallet

Context-sensitive reminders can be used to remind you of upcoming trips, and tickets can be displayed on the lock screen at the exact time you need them. Even sharing with travel companions, for example, is easily possible with some apps. It could even serve as your personal Digital Health Pass.

Slim and fast

B.A.M Wallet has compact but well thought-out settings. For example, the B.A.M Wallet temporarily increases the screen brightness when displaying tickets, has sorting functions and can also switch between a light and a dark mode.