Covid-19 Ticketing for Live Events

We collect, keep safe and delete personal data for your event. Data protection and privacy are guaranteed, but contact tracing is made possible if necessary.

Personalize ticket by adding ticket holder information

Fast re-opening with digital ticketing

Multiple features for ticketing during Covid-19 pandemic
Contactless Sale

Handle all ticketing transactions online and contactless. The primary sale with an easy to integrate B.A.M ticketing widget on the organizer’s or venue’s website.

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Contactless Entry

Use QR, NFC or BLE to enter the venue or event at a safe distance

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Contactless Transfer

Transfer the ticket directly to a friend phone-to-phone or using your contact list. Sell the ticket safely using the digital secondary market with maximum market liquidity.

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Contact Tracing

Anonymized but auditable record which ticket holders were at the same time at the same place.
Purge records after 28 days.

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Timeslot Entry

Staggered gate times avoid long cues or people grouping in front of a venue. Timeslot tickets at museums assure a safe capacity utilization.

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Social Distanced Seating

Automatically optimized seat utilization under Covid-19 restrictions.

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Digital Health Pass

Integrating the attendees verified testing results with ticketing platforms is one key way to get fans back to live events. B.A.M wallet is also a digital health pass for secure data exchange between fans, venues/organizers and health data provider.

  • 30+ Test partners and manufacturers for all types of testing (PCR, antigen, antibody etc.)
  • 10+ Health authorities (e.g. NIH)
Process of a verifiable credential for digital health pass data

Validation of ticket and health status in one step

Verifying organizations identify the requirements needed to enter a specific venue and check with the B.A.M Validator App the individual’s credentials and ticket to allow access.
Validation of digital health pass certificate