B.A.M Ticketing Technology

B.A.M Ticketing is a platform integrating with any existing ticketing system so event organizers do not have to change their systems.  B.A.M tickets are a secure digital delivery method and are super easy for fans to use. Ultimately, by tackling the major issues of ticket fraud and security, B.A.M helps to build trust between fans, artists and event organisers.

High Throughput

The execution logic of the B.A.M network is tailored to ticketing transaction needs facilitating higher throughput than conventional systems.

High Scalability

B.A.M stays a scalable blockchain network while data protection rights are enforced by legislation sharding.

Low Latency

B.A.M network tackles current DLT transaction speed limitations by implementing a new architecture superior over conventional DLTs

B.A.M covers the specific needs of ticketing business

B.A.M outperforms any other blockchain framework and meets current and future ticketing business requirements. But most common distributed ledger or blockchain systems (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS) fail to meet the requirements of the ticketing buinsess by far, not B.A.M. 

High transaction rates

For some events ticket sales are very fast (e.g. Tomorrowland 360k / 60min), which translates in transaction throughputs of 100-400 transactions per second (tps). Hence, network speed must be high enough to handle also large ticket sales.

Fast response time

Invalidation of a single ticket is required to be below 1 sec to keep up event registration speed. Current blockchain systems need significant time to confirm a transaction and write them to an immutable ledger, but B.A.M is significantly faster.

Highly scalable blockchain cluster

B.A.M core network is available in more than 35 regions. Ticketing companies, organizers and venues are hosting their own nodes onsite to increase availability, further reduce latency and keep their transaction data private.


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San Francisco

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São Paulo

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Cape Town

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Hong Kong

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Los Angeles

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South Carolina

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New York

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B.A.M Ticketing as a Service

Applying the vast blockchain knowledge and experience of our team, we offer a secure, tamper-proof mobile ticket solution to all ticketing companies, event organisers and venues.

The market control dashboard

B.A.M provides a cloud-based dashboard application where event organizer can track their tickets, transactions and usage. It provides highly advanced insights and features to help managing tickets and audiences.

The ticketing API

The API layer abstracts the blockchain and AI core engines. It provides functionalities on top of it, such as ticket creation/deletion, data privacy, an integrated payment system, identity verification and resell price regulation.

The blockchain guarantees security, transparency, immutability and removes the need of a trusted third party.

The blockchain allows every ticket exchange to be tracked across both primary and secondary markets and across all actors.

The mobile pass wallet

Our universal passbook and ticket wallet is available on Andoid (and iOS soon). The B.A.M wallet can store any kind of QR code or pkpass file. Features to securely store, transfer, sell, resell or buy digital tickets add up to the overall user experience.